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Contributions to the Land of Opportunity Fund can be cash, appreciated stock, assets such as real estate and jewelry, IRA rollovers, life insurance or irrevocable estate gifts.

The long range goal of the Land of Opportunity Fund is to create an endowment of $4-5 million to perpetually support a broad range of immigration services in Southwest Florida.

Such a fund offers many benefits including eliminating the need for multiple service provider organizations to fund raise every year and enabling flexibility in funding decision-making for future needs.

You can make a tax-deductible contributions (Tax ID #: 59-6580974) for the El Camino app, the Immigration Legal Services initiative, or to the Land of Opportunity Fund online or by mailing your contribution to:

Southwest Florida Community Foundation, Attn: Luis Leon, Director of Finance
2031 Jackson Street, Suite 100
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Please note on your check which program you wish to support, e.g.,

For questions or to discuss your donation, please contact Carolyn Rogers or Luis Leon at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation for further information on ways to give (239-274-5900).

More… The Land of Opportunity Fund has been recently established to provide a permanent and recurring granting stream to support area nonprofits that offer a wide range of services to immigrants and also have the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of immigrants.

The “Land of Opportunity Fund,” a fund of The Southwest Florida Community Foundation, was initiated by compassionate anonymous donors who have expressed a willingness to match each donation of more than $50,000 to the Land of Opportunity Endowment Fund with a matching donation of $50,000.

The purpose of the Land of Opportunity Fund is to underwrite a broad spectrum of immigrant services, including education, health care, English language instruction and more. Although the primary initial focus will be legal services, the fund description is broad enough to offer flexibility based on needs. Grants from the Land of Opportunity Fund will be subject to the detailed and comprehensive “compassionate shark tank” process used by the Foundation for competitive grants.