Land of Opportunity Fund Initiatives


El Camino (The Path): An innovative information app providing legal assistance and instructional services for Southwest Florida’s immigrant residents to pursue employment and legal permanent residency. El Camino presents different scenarios faced by arriving immigrants to pursue work and residency. Based on their personal situation, information and instruction will include what determines eligibility; the type of forms that are required and what information is needed;  and the cost and time frame to be expected once the different phases are completed. (Read more about El Camino).

Immigration Legal Services (ILS)

Immigration Legal Services (ILS): A two-pronged initiative to launch a pilot program that would enhance existing legal services in Southwest Florida by offering immigrants legal assistance in areas where it currently does not exist, and establish a long-term funding source to sustain innovative services to assist immigrants to assimilate and prosper where they live and work. (Read more about the Immigration Legal Services initiative.)

Regional Collaboration

Regional Collaboration:  The five county Southwest Florida region has a number of private, non profit and public organizations working to support immigrants. Helping to connect and facilitate collaboration among these groups is an important component to achieving success for region and for our documented and undocumented residents.